DYRT in 2016

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Happy New Year!

(This was originally posted on the DYRT FB Group, you can read and join the conversation on that post here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/didyouruntoday/permalink/1695247294024893/)


When I met up with Imran just before the New Year we talked a great deal about DYRT and plans for 2016. I wanted to share some of that with you right now.

The vision for DYRT is “To support people, through running, to become more aware of their true self, the world around them and realise their full potential.” (You can read a bit more about that and some of the values here). I feel like we, as a community are already doing a great job of this right now.

When Imran and I talked about this a little more we felt we had more to give, that DYRT can reach more people and engage more whilst retaining the vision & values it is founded on.

We listened (or read), and loved your suggestions too. As such, here is a little outline of some things we have in mind for 2016:

1. We want to help facilitate more meetups – whether that be races, workshops or simply fun get-togethers. Both by organising some and / or providing more tools to help you as a community do this. You can of course do this anytime right now (it’s your community!).

2. We will make more of the blog, website and email newsletter. The FB group is excellent and we feel is the perfect platform the core ‘function’ of DYRT yet is limiting in some aspects. We want to provide an opportunity for a more permanent place for articles, insights & experiences – where we can pull our expertise together as a community to help others (I feel this is what really makes DYRT unique – real people with real experiences). We want to provide a tool so that people can suggest articles or things they want to know about and someone can submit a blog post as a response (over and above the fantastic advice given daily in the group).

3. We will help facilitate more community projects, creative or otherwise where members can suggest their own projects and form a self-managed team to action it with our support. For example, right now Rob and Natalia are organising a creative project to photograph the same tree for each season (watch for the post on that from them later) or maybe a ‘Faces of DYRT’ photo book. The limiting factor for hundreds of these great ideas has previously been myself – by opening it up a little we can bring in the diverse expertise of the community and have a lot more fun!

4. This is a big one and taking the DYRT vision to the next level. I have personally reached what feels like a turning point in my life and DYRT has been such a huge part of that. Watching you all do things you never though possible, every day. Whilst the community has up to now grown gently and organically (hopefully like your training) my vision is to give bigger and start to have a bigger impact in the world. In the last few years I have wanted to set up a foundation which can action projects both locally and around the world that can really make a difference to this planet and people’s lives.

We will be setting up a environmentally sustainable, ethical clothing brand (for runners!) where the excess profit goes to feed the foundation set up alongside. I’m very excited about this. There is too much to say in this post (but feel free to ask questions or get in touch – I’d love to hear from you) but in the spirit of the values (transparency) I hope it will also be a way to help others who might be thinking of starting their own enterprise or reach a goal they’ve always wanted to… we will be openly sharing our learnings and progress along the way.

There’s obviously a lot of details to fill in here but we’re really excited to share this with you (especially at the start of the new year) and most of all to have you here as part of the journey. I feel inspired every day by your adventures, goals, ups and downs and honoured to be part of your community.

Thank You.