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Introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Kerry Pickard and I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with my husband whom I’ve  been with for 16 years and our two children. Joshua is nearly 7 and Isabelle who is 3, before that I lived at home with my parents until I was 26 and then moved to where I am now.

Why and when did you start running?

I started my running journey in June 2014 and previous to this had never run before, not even for a bus! Before I started my running journey (to lose 3.5 stone that I was carrying around) what fully motivated me to lose weight was a visit to my nurse for a regular check up and weight check for some medication I have.  She asked me to stand on the scales and as I did so she looked at the display on the scales and pulled a bit of a face! I said “why the look?”.  She said “Oh it’s fine but I do have to tell you that your BMI number is in the obese section!!”

I was obviously shocked and upset so I went home and said to my husband  “No one has ever called me obese before and no one will do so again.” So once my then 1 and half year old was 2 and could go to playgroup, I dropped her off and came home to put an old pair of trainers on and thought ‘right come on, it’s got to start somewhere’, so I ran!

I was shattered but then I continued to go out with daddy’s babysitting services and worked hard at loosing weight with diet change and less alcohol in the week (not that I drank that much but it was all adding up) and proceeded to change my life for the better.


What does running do for you?

Running has given me back me time after having two children! I feel it sorts my head out after a busy day with the kids or work and I can go as fast or as slow as I want without any hassle from anyone. Also running gives me a sense of achievement and keeps those treats we all love off my hips!

Do you have any running goals?

My goals with running are to be better at pace per min per mile and to keep myself injury free. I did strain my hamstring which I had physio on last year but I was going out every other night so my body had slightly gone in to shock asking  ‘what are you doing?’ as I’d never run before.

20141116_070941_resizedWhat’s your greatest running achievement?

Leeds Abbey Dash 10k last year with a time of 1 hour 10 mins, then race for life 10k this June with a time of 57 mins and currently around school holidays training for a half marathon which I haven’t booked yet, but will do in my 40th birthday year next year. Oh, and Parkruns too which my best time so far is 26 mins.

What’s the biggest challenge you face at the moment?

My running challenges are to continue to go out 3 times a week with daddy’s help and to keep my times good and consistent. I am training for a half marathon which I’ve mentioned.  I cant believe I am writing this as last year I couldn’t even run without stopping and catching my breath.

What has been most helpful to you?

I have to say the support from family and friends during the weight loss but firstly when I joined the DYRT group I remember getting my first post on it and finding people who I didn’t know saying I was amazing and giving me support just when I needed it!

So a big thanks to you all for that! Parkruns have helped too as I’ve made friends with other runners through Facebook who live near me, to then see them at parkrun is ace. Now I feel I can give back a little help to those who sound like they need it and I at the same time feel supported by people who comment on my running posts.


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