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Introduce yourself

My name is James Padvis and I’m a teacher of languages in Coventry, England. I’m 43 years old and I live with my partner of 14 years and my 3 dogs. When not working and running I enjoy eating lots of food, especially Spanish and Mexican.

Why and when did you start running?

At secondary school, the only activity I was good at during PE was Cross Country. Unfortunately running was often given out as a punishment so by 14 I was completely switched off to exercise. Then followed many years of not looking after myself: smoking, drinking, and lack of exercise. Luckily my metabolism kept up until…

I took a much less stressful job in September 2013. I started to put weight on. However this meant by the 1st of January 2014 I felt able to give up smoking. As I get awesome teacher holidays, I decided I needed something to do in July 2014 to shift the weight: I started Couch to 5K. I did really well, completing 3 weeks but got an injury. 2 weeks off, new proper running shoes back on track. I graduated Couch to 5K September 2014 which meant I was ready for parkrun. I had not run with any other people until this point, but on Saturday 11th October 2013 I completed my first 5K run with other people in a time of 28:53, the first time I’d run 5K in under 30 minutes!

James PadvisWhat does running do for you?

The social side motivates me.

Running reminds me what my body is capable of. It keeps me healthy and means at least 3 times a week I get some time to myself and time to socialise! It also lets me push myself outside of my comfort zone, get out in the fresh air and visit some truly wonderful places to run.

Do you have any running goals?

Yes, sub 23 5K, sub 48 10K and sub 2:10 half marathon – all by the end of the year.

What’s your greatest running achievement?

James Padvis

The first bling ever!

Not achievements as such, but moments. Turning up to my first 5K in Naseby in March, the sleepy marshal forgot to turn us around so we ended up doing 6K and still being sub 30 mins.

Pacing the 25 minute runners a parkrun was a great experience. I hope a few people managed a pb that day.

During a long Sunday run in February I just decided to keep going and ended up doing a half marathon. Not a speedy one at 2:21:53 but proof I can do the distance.

What’s the biggest challenge you face at the moment?

As you get faster, the gains get smaller. I need to get to grips with that – there may be no more 1 minutes off PBs. I also need to mix up the types of running I do – the best way will be to join a club and run with others.

What has been most helpful to you?

Regular racing. I make a point of having at least one event a month planned – usually a 10k. DYRT members have pointed me in the direction of some truly beautiful races – the Two Castles, Stratford Six, Northbrook to name a few. In fact I now consider how pretty the run is before running the event!


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