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Hi, my name is Keith Skeggs. I live in Swansea, South Wales with my wife and two children. I’ve been here 17 years and previous to that I grew up in South East London in Greenwich. I have been an electrical engineer since 1988 but am now studying on a social work degree and hope to qualify in 2017.

Why and when did I start running

I started in 2010. I lost 7 stone with slimming world and decided to take the plunge and start jogging. In October 2010 I completed the Cardiff half marathon, though it took 2 hours 35 mins due to having to walk after my IT band played up. I’ve always struggled with consistency in running and have struggled with emotional eating, but running seems to help. I have since put all the weight back on, but have recently lost 35lbs. I have completed the London marathon twice and the Wales marathon once, though I had to walk the majority of all the marathons. For the past 4 years I have done 5ks, 10ks and half marathons for charity, but this year I’m running for me.

What does running do for me?

Running enhances my martial arts training, but it also gives me space to think. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for years, but I feel now that this is my time. The other thing running does is, it gives me a sense of belonging. DYRT has given me access to a supportive community, and I love that runners of all abilities are treated equally. This extends to every run I have done. Every race I have done there is always another runner cheering me home. This for me is the true worth of running. Whether your an elite runner or a slow person at the back, you are seen as an equal. That sense of belonging is priceless.

Do you have running goals?

Yes, my goal is to run a half marathon without walking any part of it. I also want to achieve regular consistency in my running, and to achieve a better level of fitness to be able to do more obstacle courses. Oh and I want to beat my half marathon pb of 2 hrs 35 mins. No pressure then!


What’s your greatest running achievement?

This was completing the London marathon in 2011. I raised £2000 for leukaemia research. I only jogged 3 miles and walked the rest, but the feeling of crossing that line and knowing that I’d given something back was very precious to me. It taught me a lot about myself and made me realise that any temporary pain I felt is inconsequential compared to the suffering of those going through serious illnesses. To date I’ve raised £3600 for various charities, and I’m proud of the generosity of those that have donated to me over the years.

What has been most helpful to you?

My social media friends and DYRT. I love reading the running adventures of the guys on DYRT and find it very inspiring. I love encouraging others, but the support I receive is overwhelming. It’s great that it’s a two way street, with no judgements and support at every turn.

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