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Introduce yourself

As you know my name is Norman Hunter. I’m 43, married to my college sweetheart and the father of two great young men.

Why & when did you start running?

What brought me to running was the inability to tie my laces without loosing my breath and being 3 Stone overweight. So in May 2013 I decided to walk to get fit and lose weight. I’m impatient so walking gave way to jogging which in turn gave way to running. Signed up to my first 10km in June of that year. Loved it, so entered for a half marathon 2 months later. Again loved it, Christmas rolled around and while surfing the net under the influence of a couple of beers I saw an ad for the Connemarathon here in Ireland. Five mins later I had buyers remorse,  but a no refund policy and a healthy dose of meaness ensured I was going to do it. I downloaded a training plan, tweaked and stuck to it. First marathon completed in 3.38.47.

What’s your greatest running achievement?

I won’t bore you guys with times etc, but as I write this I have 16 full marathons  and 3 Ultras completed. Shorter distance events are too numerous to mention.

What does running do for you?

One of the most enjoyable parts of running to me has been the occasions I have paced both half and full marathons.I love encouraging others and the feeling of accomplishment of helping people achieve their goal time is awesome. This year will be my 2nd year of running, and I plan to finish it completing my 25th marathon in Dublin as an official 4.20.00 pacer.

Do you have any running goals?

My goals for the future are to further the distance I complete and take part in longer distance/ endurance events, such as the Transylvania 50km (It took 12.45.50 to complete through the Romanian Alps ) I did this year.

Thanks for allowing me to share.

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